Friday, April 9, 2010

Plastic Bubbles

There is something else that I've been meaning to try for a long time. Plastic bubbles. Well that's what I call them. I have been using the glass bubbles or "gems" for a few years now to solder. We have a family owned Plastics business where we make displays for department stores. Since there is so much plastic available to me, I have always wanted to try to make something jewelry related out of plastic. I saw where someone had taken these plastic bubbles, attached images and then glued them to ring bases. So here are the first few that I've made. They look ALOT BETTER in person, my camera skills just don't do them justice. These have glitter but I will probably try some with just images next. I can't wait to glue them to the ring bases! I love to solder but I'm enjoying the "non soldering" projects also.

New jewelry- FINALLY

Well I'm trying to get back into my jewelry making. I got out my beads and supplies and I've been dreaming up new things. I have been wanting to try pendants made from glass and Fimo clay for about two years and I'm just now trying it for the first time!

All you do is take a glass gem and attach your image with Diamond Glaze. Then after it's dry, make a ball out of the clay and press your glass gem into it. Let it come up over the sides so that the clay forms a "nest" around the glass. You may have to experiment with the size of the ball to get it right.

I pressed mine onto a textured rubber stamp so that the back would be pretty. I also pressed a wire loop into the top of each one and then baked them on a cookie sheet covered with tin foil. I just went by the temperature and time on the Fimo package.

I'm thinking about reinforcing the wire loops with a dot of strong glue. I rubbed some Ranger Metallic Powder onto the back of each one so that the design would show up. Next time I will do that step before I bake them.

Art Diva Night

I've been lucky enough to be included in an art group which meets once each month at my local library! The head art diva is the talented Joanna Lewis of We each bring whatever we want to work on and visit, share ideas etc. while we work. In addition we each bring a snack to munch on. I decided to make St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes, since I had seen this idea quite a while ago and always wanted to try it. Being the cupcake fanatic that I am, this was a perfect choice.

I brought coasters made from ceramic tiles to work on since I have been in kind of a slump when it comes to jewelry making. Joanna was working on the most beautiful necklace which she made from vintage jewelry pieces. She was also wearing another one that she created the same way. They were breathtaking! She really inspired me. So I came home and started looking around to see what I have that might work for a necklace like hers. I ended up buying some vintage earrings which I have been able to use as pendants and rings. Here are a couple of pictures of what I've made so far.